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Traffic Light with Wireless Remote Control

Price: $300.00
This Traffic Light with Remote Control has 12" LED Lenses and comes with a handheld clicker/transmitter. It is lightweight, made of durable polycarbonate (plastic)

You can control which lens is lit up to approx. 50-75 ft, depending on atmospheric conditions. One lens can be lit or 2 lenses can be lit, even all 3 lenses can be lit at the same time. Each lens has it's own on/off switch on the clicker.

This is a used traffic light upgraded for home or business use with a remote control.

Visors are included but will cost additional to ship. Visors are only needed if the signal is used outdoors.

When purchasing a traffic light you should consider how you are going to display/mount the signal.   We also sell mounting arm brackets that can mount the signal on a flat surface such as a wall or a round or square post.  Click on "Parts & Accessories"  on our home page to view/buy the mounting arm brackets.   
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